“Friday” Female, Thai mix breed. She has been seen wandering around in the area outside the shelter. She had a 2 meter long heavy chain around her neck. Guessing she’s been dumped, or tied to something and managed to escape.

Age 6 (years/ปี) 10 (months/เดือน)
Personaltiy cuddle and playful
– Yearly mix Vaccine
– Rabies Vaccine
– sterilazation
– Know her name
– Stay with other dogs
– Stay with kids

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Adoption Contract

The man that rescues dogs or TMTRD.org is a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) that rescues and care for strayed dogs, cures, recover, patron and home-finding.

All Home-finding dogs are from different backgrounds and breeds and cannot be simply differentiated. The majority of them are Thai breed dogs, hybrid. As we have not bred them, some came as puppies, we then cannot advise the breed. The dogs were deserted, used to have owners but for various reasons their owners no longer wanting their dogs; they solved the problems by leaving their pets unattended in public places.

To adopt or patron a dog from us, you help the community, help strayed dogs and in return help us continue to care for other strayed dogs, therefore, the procedures of home-finding are taken place. Our organization policy of sustainability solving and screening of the adopters are as follows:

Specifications and conditions of patron home-finding dogs.
I. Ability in looking after animals, food costs, Vet costs during illness, maturity, responsibility, therefore it will be considered at aged 22 years and over, deemed to be working if, below the specified age, the organization will consult with the parents.
II. Homeowner and proper fenced in.
*** In case there is no fence, we will consider a house that has a reasonable distance from streets and vehicles and in friendly neighborhood areas.
Reasons why a house must have fences and should be taller than 1.5 meters in height:
1. To stop the dogs from running away. When a dog got a new home, the mature dog will not be familiar with the new environment and if not careful will run away and hard to catch or find. He will then become a strayed dog and we had helped a lot of strayed dogs in this condition.
2. If the dog runs away, he could bite next door neighbor's dog, dogs fighting and dogs' owner fallout, following by stresses and grudge. The dogs could be poisoned. We would like home-finding dog adopters who are ready to animals for the rest of their life. We do not want them to be poisoned.
Reasons why the house must have space areas such as lawn, gardens, turf. By nature, dogs like spaces, fields, lawn and it is important that dogs must have some exercises, he wants space for walking same as us, human we cannot stay in a restricted area all the time.
III. Be in a neighborhood, villages, community animals friendly area, and keeping a dog is acceptable.
IV Family's approval and gives help in taking care of the dog.
V. Attention and activities with the dog; tiding or caging dog will make the dog stressful.
VI. Understanding dogs' behavior of each breed.
VII. Ready and willing to update and acknowledge the well being of dogs to the organization.
VIII. Selling, auctioning or commercializing adopted dog is prohibited.
IX. Giving the adopted dog to other people who lack the specifications required by the organization is prohibited.
X. Take good care of adopted dogs according to Animals Welfare Acts.
XI. Regularly reporting of dog's general status.


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fenceno fence
gardenno garden

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